The treatment of ITP depends on the cause, the severity of the symptoms and whether the disease is acute or chronic. The choice of whether or not to undergo treatment, and which treatment is appropriate, is different for every patient and your treating physician will discuss the options with you.


A platelet transfusion is the most appropriate course of action only when the low platelet count causes a life-threatening bleeding. A thrombocyte transfusion has only a very temporary effect because the administered platelets are broken down just as quickly as the patient’s "own" platelets. If necessary, such an infusion can be repeated several times.

In larger hospitals, an internist haematologist or paediatric haematologist is usually responsible for the treatment of ITP. In smaller hospitals, this is usually done by an internist or a paediatrician.

You can prepare yourself for treatment by consulting the ITP Decision-making tool (in Dutch).


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