The association has set out the following objectives:

  • Promoting the well-being of people with ITP through education
  • Raising the profile of the association by distributing various brochures and printed information to all haematologists / internists in the Netherlands
  • Organising peer contact days for adults, adolescents and children (and their parents)
  • Organising meetings and collaborating with ITP practitioners
  • Collaborating / consulting with the Medical Advisory Board
  • Providing specific information to patients with specific questions
  • Providing information/resources for parents of children with ITP
  • Maintaining the website, the private forum, and Facebook page of the ITP-PV

Furthermore, the association’s board seeks to meet a number of our stated objectives through this website.


For more information, questions or comments, please contact our secretariat via ofni.[antispam].@itp-pv.nl or telephone +31 (0) 85 – 1303570.


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