Study of menstruation of women with chronic ITP

Date: 04 February 2022  -  Category: General
Physician-scientist Wobke van Dijk MSc and Prof. Roger Schutgens  MD PhD (Van Creveldkliniek) are working on a study into menstruation of women with chronic ITP. The results of this study will increase knowledge on an...

ITP and seeing a dentist or oral surgeon

Date: 02 February 2022  -  Category: General
With a low platelet count and gums that bleed easily when brushing your teeth, having dental work done by a dentist, oral surgeon, or dental hygienist can be tricky.  What if there’s a bleed during the treatment? Or ...

Measuring fatigue with ITP

Date: 31 January 2022  -  Category: General
Van Creveldkliniek (Utrecht University Medical Centre) has conducted a study into fatigue in 59 patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP). In her study, researcher Wobke Van Dijk showed that the Checklist f...

Covid-19 vaccine safe for patients with immune thrombocytopenia

Date: 29 December 2021  -  Category: Covid-19
This was shown by research coordinated by Erasmus Medical Centre. Read more about it here. Haematologist Gerard Jansen of Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam already pre-announced these findings on the contact day hel...

Brochures are available to order on the website

Date: 25 November 2021  -  Category: General
From now on, you can order our brochures on our website, free of charge for members. Non-members will be charged postage only. The information booklet by Amgen for people with ITP and their family and friends is avail...

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