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The ITP Patients’ Association has around 690 members. We organize a number of meetings for our members annually, such as a general members’ meeting with a talk by an ITP medical professional or a regional meeting in a local hospital. We hope to start up small support groups soon. Take a look at the agenda to see what’s coming up. As an association, we also consult with professionals and contribute, for example, to the development of guidelines. We also publish a newsletter several times a year, with a variety of ITP-related articles. In this way we aim to meet our members’ need for information, contact with fellow ITP patients and advocacy.

ITP problems and treatment approaches are very different for children with ITP than for adults. This is another area where the association has a great deal of knowledge and expertise and we maintain close contacts with ITP specialist pediatricians.
For more information, questions or comments please contact our secretariat via ofni.[antispam].@itp-pv.nl or by calling +31 (0)85-1303570.


The ITP Patients’ Association of the Netherlands was founded on 13 May 2003. Before that, the association had been a working group within the Dutch Association of Hemophilia Patients (NVHP). Over the years, the demand for information, contact with fellow sufferers and advocacy grew. The problems of people with an acquired disorder such as ITP differ from those of people with an inherited clotting disorder such as hemophilia. This meant an independent association was needed to better meet the various requests for help.

Why join a patients’ association?

A diagnosis of ITP often means that you will be facing many uncertainties. A patients' association can offer information and support. Contact with fellow sufferers is often also a great help when living with ITP.


Membership is for an entire calendar year. The cost is € 25 per year (price for 2022), per direct debit. If you do not issue a direct debit authorisation, an extra annual charge of € 3 will apply for invoicing. Check with your health insurance company whether membership can be fully or partially reimbursed according to the terms of your policy.

Cancellations must be made before 1 December of the current year. Cancellation is only effective when you have received a confirmation from us by e-mail or letter.

For more information, questions or comments please contact our secretariat via ofni.[antispam].@itp-pv.nl or by calling +31 (0)85-1303570.

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