Promotion Sufia Amini

Geplaatst op 11-01-2023  -  Categorie: General

"Physician-researcher Sufia Amini received her Ph.D. on January 10th with her dissertation entitled "Moving towards a new era for patients with ITP." Sufia conducted research on the developments in treatment for ITP, as well as the use of Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMS) and Value-Based Healthcare in managing the disease. In her final chapter, she made recommendations for improving the care of ITP patients, including
- highlighting the importance of pathophysiology, diagnostics, and new treatment options;
- the implementation of PROMS in Value-Based Healthcare initiatives;
- support for hematologists in addressing symptoms such as fatigue;
- and re-evaluating ITP's status as a "not-so-benign" disease."

We wish Sufia success in her future career.


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